Looking for a Potent Product?

Looking for a Potent Product?

Ask about our cannabis concentrates in Bridgton, ME

While typical marijuana contains up to 25% of cannabinoids, cannabis concentrates can have upward of 80%. Not only does this make them incredibly potent, but you may also feel the desired effects much faster.

The Great Atlantic Puffin Company (Recreational) in Bridgton, ME sells a variety of concentrates, including cannabis tinctures, oils, topicals and solventless options. Visit our store right away to see all our concentrates for sale.

What type of concentrates do we have?

When you shop for cannabis concentrates with us, you'll have a wide range of strains and brands to choose from. So you're sure to find a concentrate that meets all your needs. We sell concentrates from:

  • Indica plants
  • Sativa plants
  • Hybrid plants
Not sure which cannabis tincture or topical is right for you? Discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team today.